Toddler Program (2-3 years old)

"A person's a person, no matter how small." - Dr. Seuss

They've been called terrible twos, and  tantrum-throwers. But none of these labels are close to the truth that twos and threes are endowed with wonderment, and each child is a universe of untapped potentialities awaiting to be discovered. 

In their first three years, children's physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development progress rapidly. Piaget calls this the "sensorimotor" stage where children discover their bodies and the environment, and their relationship. They  manifest early formation of intelligence by perceiving things using their senses. Their day is full of motor activities as their bodies develop fast and they learn how to use them. We also see toddlers  becoming more independent, acquiring language without formal education, learning how to use tools, and making friends as they learn the dynamics of social interaction. 

Throughout this stage of development, most parents and caregivers find it challenging to understand children's behavior. They are seen more as a nerve-wracking nuisance than a normal, natural course of development. Hence the labels. 

At Little Canaan, we understand this. So we develop a toddler program that focuses on physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of toddlers through a Montessori-based curriculum that cover:

1. Practical Life - for learning practical life skills, good manners, and right conduct

2. Sensorial - for defining/refining senses to learn about self and environment (precursor to learning Math)

3. Language - for supporting oral language development (covers Science, Geography, Social Studies) 

4. Arts, Music, and Movement  - for supporting creative expression 

To assist our parents in understanding their children better at this stage, we integrate parent education sessions throughout the school year that include subjects on:

1. ages and stages milestones

2. potty-learning 

3. nutrition

4. effective (positive) discipline

After completing the toddler program, we hope to have prepared your child for the primary level.  

"The greatest development is achieved during the first years of life, and therefore it is then that the greatest care should be taken. If this is done, then the child does not become a burden; he will reveal himself as the greatest marvel of nature."  

Maria Montessori

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