Primary program (3-6 years old)


"There is a brilliant child locked inside every student." - Marva Collins

They ask too many questions, want to do things themselves,  and see risks as adventures. They call themselves "big boy" or "big girl". They talk non-stop and share their opinions with hand gestures. They talk about their friends, their travels, and their light-up shoes. They dedicate their art work to mom and dad to make them happy. They start promising to take care of you when you're old and they "growed up". 

From three years old, a child is not only able to do more with their own bodies but they have developed coordination and refine their motor skills. Their mental abilities have now expanded to thinking, planning, and problem-solving, and they associate things with symbols through imagination. Their expressive and receptive vocabulary become robust, and their personality begin to form much of it look very familiar to us.

There are many more, often abrupt, changes that take place with our children. This can be very daunting for them, as well as for us, as we (parents) don't always understand, able to catch-up, or provide the necessary tools and supportive mechanisms to help our children navigate this enormous developmental change. 

The goal of our primary program is to provide children with learning environment and tools that are based on their physical, social-emotional, and mental development needs. It is also our aim to partner with guardians and share parenting strategies and tips to reinforce the curriculum at home. 

Primary program curriculum is filled with lessons and activities that help children bridge from unconscious to conscious development, harness their developing will, support self-discovery, teach higher order thinking skills, and encourage curiosity through Maria Montessori's "follow the child" principle.

Program Focus

Our Primary program curriculum focus on the following core areas: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language Arts, Math, Movement, Music, and Arts, Physical and Life Science, and Social Studies.

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